Performance Inspired

Although it was created by Mark Wahlberg, Performance Inspired is NOT a cheesy “celebrity brand,” but a brand started by fitness-minded supplement experts and real fitness enthusiast to create the best all-natural and effective products that stand up to the demands of the educated everyday athlete and professional athlete, young and older who maybe just starting their fitness journey.

The Performance Inspired mission started to help inspire people to live a more active and healthy lifestyle by offering honest, natural and trustworthy products. Charity and the desire to inspire others is what drives us to everyday. We are honest without misleading and over-hyped marketing and meaningful formulas without risky or unproven ingredients. Our efficacious and tested formulas area value loaded and you will feel the difference! Everyone deserves natural, robust and proven products at a great value, not just the celebrity or professional athlete!

Don’t compromise, selected clean, natural products you can trust!