Eliya was founded to spread the love and benefits of the extremely rare yet superior king coconut with the world and was conceptualized after a bike ride in the serene hilly town of Sri Lanka named Nuwara Eliya.

The name Eliya translates to "light" in Sinhalese and imbibes the purity and spirituality of its literal meaning. Eliya envisions bringing the light to everyone, from our farmers and their families to consumers, through our organic, fair trade, sustainable, and environmentally conscious processes.

Eliya's rare coconut is aptly named "King" not only for its richer taste but for being a coconut variant with naturally occurring electrolyte levels that are very similar to our blood plasma, making it the perfect hydrating drink. King coconut water was used by soldiers in WWII and given intravenously to people during World War II when regular IV saline solution wasn't available.

Eliya focuses on bringing real king coconut water into a market saturated with green coconut water brands that homogenize and adulterate their water for mass production. The ancillary benefits of green coconut (milk, meat, cream, milk, husk) subsidies the cost, which causes the mass-produced green coconut water brands to ignore the better for you king coconut water.

What started as a passion for spreading the superior taste, goodness, and health benefits that king coconut water naturally contains turned into a project that has changed the lives of countless farmers, communities, and everyday people across the globe